You're here! You made it! I am so incredibly excited to help you get started on this oil journey. Worry not, I will be with you every step of the way! The best and most popular way to get these precious oils into your home is by purchasing a starter kit that comes with an annual membership...for free! Purchasing a starter kit will also bundle products for a bigger savings and an unlimited amount of education, classes, workshops, online get together's and one on ones with me and my beautiful, loving community of oil people. On top of that, you'll be receiving in the mail some of my favorite DIY items to start blending your little heart out!

If a customized kit is what you're looking to do, all good. Connect with me and I will personally answer questions and walk you through the steps to start. Remember, once you decide that a annual membership is for you, everything is priced at wholesale or lower!

This is the beginning of something magical, I can just feel it! Can you?

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Still undecided? Join us for any one of our free online classes where we talk about what essential oils are, the doTERRA difference and the top 10 oils we use everyday! We will also go over monthly promotions, team happenings and starter kit breakdowns to make it so easy to decide what is the right fit for you and your 'ohana. No pressure, no obligations, just support and education! (that rhymed)